Solidarity Workemerged from an internationalist and anti-racist women’s human rights organizing retreat held in May 2006. The retreat was envisioned as a space where activists/scholars could break bread and share their insights, experiences and analysis around internationalist women’s human rights.

In emphasizing “solidarity” and “work,” together, we underscore the labor it takes for us to build understanding across considerable differences and divisions of power and status between us. We believe that creating such an “understanding”—and building towards solidarities—takes careful empathetic work that is, first and foremost, constructive and constitutive. We bring together a sense of “nationalism” to emphasize our connections to older deprived sections of the society that need our assistance. We seek to build bridges across the deep chasms between “haves” and the “have not.”

We are particularly interested in bringing together our own Schools who work on areas in a broader t sense. We need to prepare our student community about the need to help the needy who are not able to study and reach Schools for basic education.

We welcome you to this site. We believe that “solidarity work” embraces efforts towards plurality, and transparency. We are hopeful that Solidarity Work will happen again. If you are interested in joining us, please send a note to